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Why Samaritan’s Well?

We offer a number of our patients the best Christian counseling experience in Dallas that you can give. Whether you are a couple that has been married for 50+ years or a newlywed couple… we are the counseling service for you. There is so much more that we offer! We offer individual counseling for adults and even workshops that can speak to your soul!
Rod Beck

Rod Beck

Licensed Professional Counselor

Rod earned a Masters in Marriage and Family Ministry at Talbot Theological Seminary to become better equipped in the Word prior to receiving my LPC license in 1998. He worked for several years as a therapist in private practice before embarking on a twenty- year professional career as an Employee Assistance Counselor and a Human Resource Management Consultant with a large government organization. In 2019, Rod returned to his true passion of helping individuals and couples work through life’s stressors and challenges that greatly impact one’s overall wellbeing. He focuses primarily on adults, using a number of therapeutic strategies to help you not only gain insight into your issues but more importantly develop practical tools so you can better manage and resolve the challenges you are currently facing.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Individual and couples counseling
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Stress reduction and management
Mark Verkler

Mark Verkler

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Mark Verkler (MSSW, LMFT) is the founder of Samaritan’s Well, an Elder at UPPERROOM Dallas, and has over 30 years of counseling (individuals, marriage, and family) and ministry experience. In the 90’s he was the Clinical Coordinator at the Dallas Suicide and Crisis Center. Mark has also been the Program Director of an Inpatient Treatment program.  Since 2003, He has owned a private counseling practice in Richardson, Texas. He is experienced in hosting seminars, podcasts, and intensives teaching essential principles on healing and growth. 

Areas of Specialty:

  • Trauma 
  • Individual Counseling
  • Anxiety

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We Believe in Bringing Healing, Peace, & Joy Through Jesus Christ


Samaritan’s Well has over 30 years of experience in Christian Counseling. We have counseled everyone from couples to individuals of all ages. We believe in implementing Jesus in all of our counseling sessions if the clients request.




Mark has been and continues to be a tremendous help to me. His Bible-based, Holy Spirit-led approach to counseling and inner healing has helped me to hear the truths that Jesus was speaking to my pain. Mark is warm and compassionate, and has a profound prophetic gifting that has made me feel so known and seen by Jesus. I continually refer many friends and family members to Mark. I am so thankful for the freedom he’s helped me to experience. He’s been an immense blessing in my life. 

After looking around for a LPC around the DFW area, I’m so glad I landed with Mark. He is very wise, kind and humble. In every session, He partners so well with the Holy Spirit to bring inner healing and freedom. There’s always a new deep discovery and I always leave with so much peace. He also gives you the tools to use on your own so you can also mature in hearing God’s voice. Samaritan’s Well truly is a place to receive the healing you’ve been looking for.

​​Mark has helped facilitate healing and support for myself and my wife. I have yet to ever feel offended by Mark. He has a gentle and loving personality. Extremely empathic and wise. He is a special counselor and man of God. I feel like whatever is brought up to Mark, he is ready for it and facilitates a healing environment. 

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