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Mark Verkler


Mark grew up in Arkansas in a small rural community in the north east part of the state. His parents were older when they had him, having 2 kids in their 40’s and 2 more in the 60’s. Mark always told his dad that when he moved back to Arkansas and the farm he needed some farm help. He would laugh but never deny it. Mark is thankful he grew up on a farm and ranch in Arkansas and went to a small rural school system. He spent two years in the small town, ended up at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville and finished his undergraduate there in the late 80s.

Near the end of his college career in 1987, Marie and Mark got married. They ended up having four children—two biological and two adopted. They have lived in the greater Dallas area their entire marriage.

When Mark got married to Marie, He wasn’t confident about the direction of his career. He had done real estate growing up with his dad, so for a while he thought that might be the direction he would go. As Marie and Mark prayed about it, they got more and more inclined to move towards counseling. As he explored options for counseling and options for jobs after graduating, he sensed more and more peace about going in that direction. They were married a little over a year and Mark was accepted into the University of Texas at Arlington school of social work. He became a clinical social worker.

Samaritans Well started many years before it was called Samaritans Well. Mark began as the Clinical Coordinator at the Dallas Suicide & Crisis Center in the fall of 1990. Throughout the 90’s, he worked inpatient, outpatient, and private practice. In the late 90s, he started working with Every Man’s Battle workshops, and Joe Dallas. It was a great honor to work with Joe and be a group leader and worship leader for Every Man’s Battle for several years.

In the early 2000s, he began to consider having my own outpatient practice and in 2003, Mark started on his own. For several years after this, Mark began to get a vision of doing workshops and weekend intensive with women, men, and for married couples. That culminated in 2009 with the formation of Samaritans Well and the beginning of having workshops and conferences, along with intensive and individual and family counseling. Hundreds of people came through those workshops in the early years. A number of counselors worked with them in the beginning of Samaritans Well.

As the years went along, we saw changes in our location, our offices, and in certain things that were emphasized more, and certain things emphasized less. All along we were building testimonies of many lives changed for the better—individuals, couples, marriages, and families.

Part of our story is the history that our individual counselors went through in their own lives. Since 2000, we have seen the adoption of two wonderful children, the death of Mark’s mother and father, and many other changes in the world and individually that have deepened his connection with God, and the breadth and depth of his experience in life.

Since 2011, Mark and Maries home church has been Upper Room Dallas with Michael & Lorisa Miller. They have been blessed to be a part of that church body and to be elders there for the last several years. This has been a really vital part of their story and a really vital part of their life.

A vital part of the foundation of Samaritans Well is Mark’s wife Marie. She’s been supportive and encouraging of long hours in counseling planning and writing workshops. She’s helped in every part of the way and she’s been a great blessing to Mark and continues to be a great blessing.

Mark’s son Josh has helped get the workshops going and get them streaming. He’s helping with everything online and our website development and all our social media. He’s been a great asset to Samaritans Well—doing many things that are essential to the success of the business.

In the last few years, Josh and Marie have helped with Samaritan’s Well. We’ve begun to develop different kinds of workshops that we can do on the weekends. These have been Sundays from 2 to 830 recently. The workshops have covered topics of SOUL SENSE, inner healing, and marriage workshops.

Our story continues with workshops, other counselors working with us, chaplains working with us, and expanding the offices in regions that we cover. In addition to the workshops, books are being written and published, and new training for counselors is being accomplished.

The most important part of Samaritans Well story has been the hundreds of people that have come to conferences, workshops, intensives, individual counseling, and marriage and family counseling. These are the real heroes of the story. These are the ones that have become vulnerable and broken and asked for help in their time of need. We commend everyone that has been a part of the Samaritans Well story by making yourself vulnerable, by taking a chance, to come and visit us and tell us your story. One of the most precious messages in the Bible is “weep with those who weep.” We’ve sat with so many people and seen so many tears, remembering that those who sow tears, will reap joy. We’re so thankful for the people that have come through those office doors or medicine online, and the people that will continue to come through those office doors.

That’s our story. We wanted you to know a little bit about us. And a little bit about how we got here. We pray that if there’s a way that we can help you, you will take the chance many others have and we will meet together. May God bless you and your story, for you were blessed to be a blessing.