Throughout the year, Samaritan’s Well offers specialized clinics to shepherd healing. Each one is prepared especially for the topic presented so that it is a blessing for those who participate. Our primary workshops are Soul Sense, Healing Peter, and the Marriage Workshop.


The Soul Sense Workshop


Soul Sense is the name for the workshop and the book behind the workshop. This workshop is based on the foundation of five emotions in your soul that are in continuum and in combination of the building blocks for all emotions. MAD, SAD, BAD, GLAD, SCARED, are the five foundational emotions that we will leave the building blocks for all other emotions. In this workshop we go into great detail about how your emotions make up 1/3 of your soul, and your soul is 1/3 of who you are. We talk about walking by the spirit and helping you understand whether your soul is aligning with your spirit or it’s aligning with your body.

Mad is a reaction to a perceived injustice. Sad is a reaction to a perceived loss. Bad as a reaction to a perceived guilt. Glad his reaction to a perceived blessing. Scared is a reaction to perceived danger. We go through these in detail in the workshop to understand the high road and the low road of each of these emotions. For example, “mad” can tell me about an injustice that I’ve witnessed or experienced today, but if I stay mad over long periods of time it becomes bitterness and resentment and causes damage. Everyone of these emotions has a high road and a low road. We want to make sure that you understand that by the end of the workshop.

Walking by the spirit is an essential part of the Christian life and many Christians don’t really understand the difference between walking by the Spirit and not walking by the spirit. We will cover the three parts of your spirit, and will teach you about how to know whether you’re walking by the spirit or not. Much of it comes down to peace.

In this workshop we will help you understand how to keep your emotions from dominating you, but also how to keep you from dominating your emotions. We really believe this will not only help raise your emotional IQ, will give you revelation about walking in the spirit and the great gift of your soul senses from God to you. Just like the gift of your physical senses.

The Healing Peter Workshop


Healing Peter is the second workshop we offer. It’s a distillation of over 20 years of doing inner healing with hundreds and hundreds of people. In this workshop we will take you through in detail how Jesus healed Peter from his emotional wounds that we see in John chapter 18 and John chapter 21. The essence of inner healing is going back to a place of a wound like Jesus took Peter back with the fire of coals in John 21. It turns out that most of us have a default of putting blinders on and walking away from a wound or a hurt hoping that we will never have to go back there again. But very often there’s a very important part of our soul that’s left back there. So Jesus brings us back there, like he took Peter back to the fire of coals.

In John 18:18, it’s written that it was a cold night and they were warming themselves around the fire of coals. This is the night that Jesus predicted Peter would deny him three times, and he did. A fire of coals was a central point, then we get to John 21 and Jesus has a fire of coals once more. This is the only two times in the New Testament that a fire of coals is used in scripture. I’m emphasizing yes because Jesus took Peter back to a painful place. As Peter accepted the reality of what this connected him to he was able to own it in a way that he hadn’t before. The healing Peter workshop is all about teaching you how to get to the place where the wound happened so it can be received and you can receive the Lord in that place also.

This workshop also covers foundations of emotional healing and spiritual healing. You learn about a place of appreciation that’s a foundation for healing. We learned some details about shame, forgiveness, judgment, several of the strategic pieces that are vital to inner healing. This is appropriate for late people, chaplains, pastors, and counselors. I’ve had people come in that want to minister to others, and I’ve had people come that just want to be minister to, but they want to understand more about inner healing.

Marriage Workshop


In the marriage workshop we are covering the five foundational pillars for a healthy marriage. Years ago I heard a very seasoned minister say “the two most important things in marriage are forgiving and asking for forgiveness.” I’ll never forget that. I still believe it to this day. In this workshop we will learn about forgiveness and what love really is. There are strategies, homework, interactive exercises, spiritual breakthroughs and “begin again” exercises and opportunities to help make a marriage stronger or get a marriage on track that has had some setbacks. This workshop is not a substitute for individual counseling, marriage counseling or marriage intensive. However, it will give many building blocks for a foundation of marriage to become stronger. We want you to finish this workshop having some tools and strategies that you didn’t have before. We want you to have a new vision for your marriage that perhaps you haven’t had before. It’s interactive and there will be many questions and answers as we go along.

These are the workshops that we offer currently. There are more in the works, but these three are the foundational workshops that we’re beginning with. Our plan is to have at least one workshop every month. Some months we may have two workshops. You can attend them in person, or online.

We want to help many people go deeper in their understanding of spirit and soul issues in their life. We believe these workshops are an essential part of that.