Samaritan’s Well is an amazing place to work. I’ve heard so many people tell their stories of healing, wholeness, and restoration from coming here. Mark has brought Biblical truth, principles, grace, direction, gentleness, and perspective into the lives of so many. The Samaritan’s Well podcast and bringing answers to many people as well! 

Mark has been and continues to be a tremendous help to me. His Bible-based, Holy Spirit-led approach to counseling and inner healing has helped me to hear the truths that Jesus was speaking to my pain. Mark is warm and compassionate, and has a profound prophetic gifting that has made me feel so known and seen by Jesus. I continually refer many friends and family members to Mark. I am so thankful for the freedom he’s helped me to experience. He’s been an immense blessing in my life. 

After looking around for a LPC around the DFW area, I’m so glad I landed with Mark. He is very wise, kind and humble. In every session, He partners so well with the Holy Spirit to bring inner healing and freedom. There’s always a new deep discovery and I always leave with so much peace. He also gives you the tools to use on your own so you can also mature in hearing God’s voice. Samaritan’s Well truly is a place to receive the healing you’ve been looking for. Susan

​​Mark has helped facilitate healing and support for myself and my wife. I have yet to ever feel offended by Mark. He has a gentle and loving personality. Extremely empathic and wise. He is a special counselor and man of God. I feel like whatever is brought up to Mark, he is ready for it and facilitates a healing environment. 

I received forgiveness. I love ya’ll so much! Thank you so much!

Truly Life Changing experience! This ministry has unbelievable power and compassion. God is really working in the hearts of staff and couples. My life has personally been changed by this weekend. I have gone from the edge of divorce to my wife telling me that she is proud to have me as a husband. Thank you so much for a wonderful blessing to my family.

The tension was thick – The resistance was there – But I would not allow my heart to despair  – For I trusted in Him – That my marriage would win – I owe my wedding bells – To you and the Lord at Samaritan’s Well!

This has been a wonderful, healing experience for me. I walk in a new light, able to cast my problems upon the Lord and know that He will always give me the answers. It is my prayer that this ministry will thrive, and I know that the lives of many will be transformed. May his grace, powers and love be with this ministry.

Only God could be the sower of the excellence of heart and character that flavors and undergirds all aspects of this marriage healing seminar. There was no artificiality, but only a pure life giving, wellspring from Christ Jesus. The preciousness of what was given and served was stunning. This is kingdom fruit causing kingdom fruit. The staff has obvious signs of God’s fathering and discipling.

I’ve been to a Samaritan’s Well conference before, and this time was every bit as miraculous. Where last time brought me back to Jesus, this time gave me my self esteem. But the best part was seeing my husbands agony turn into comfort, love and self esteem.

Personally,  this has been one of the greatest experiences that I have had in my life. I am just sorry that it did not last longer. My most favorite thing was to find out its ok to be just who you are and ask the Lord to change the rest.

I am energized, expectant, healed, waiting, and hopeful. This weekend and it’s sorrows, tears, new relationships, and hard work have given me inexpressible joy. I feel equipped and prepared for the future.

The grace and glory of the cross was evidenced in the lives and ministry here! The beauty of acceptance, support, unity and community within the group was really astounding. I never have personally been so accepted and supported and valued as a person and child of God as I was at this conference! The name Samaritan’s Well is well fitted, for surely the way Jesus connected with the samaritan woman is the model for this ministry and by His leading example and spirit and truth, the conference did emulate Jesus and his Gracious, giving, loving, transforming nature!

Staff was extremely warm and welcoming! Thank you for your willingness to serve God in this way. I felt loved, accepted and understood. I felt like I was in a safe place.

Through the conference I have received healing at the root of the problem with lust. Through this healing I have become closer to Jesus and know through Him I can have peace and victory.

Mark has been amazing. He is real and intentional at helping us in our everyday marriage struggles. My husband and I enjoy talking with him and feel like every session relieves tension and gives us tools to make our relationship better and stronger. We have enjoyed his counseling so much that we have continued virtual counseling once we moved out of Texas. I can confidently say my husband and I would be divorced if it weren’t for working with Mark. 

Mark Verkler has given me so much good advice and counsel over years of knowing him! He is always sincere, dedicated, and wise with what he has shared with me! My life is so much better now from applying his godly counsel! I highly recommend him and his center! 

It is easy to find a counselor who will tell you what you want to hear. It is hard to find a counselor who will tell you what you need to hear. Mark tells you what you need to hear with honesty, hope, faith and courage. He is a steady guide in an uncertain world. 

I cannot begin to express our appreciation for the blessing of the Marriage conference. We will be forever grateful for the ministry you provide, and to God for leading us to you. We have been on a path of progression and progress ever since the conference.

Our marriage will never be the same because of the great healing work that was done. The love and ministry was a gift from God to our family. Thank you Carolyn and Mark for letting the Lord use you to restore and heal marriages.

Samaritan’s Well is a gift from God. There’s more than just healing here; behind the scenes people here, and all over the world are praying for me, for my husband, for our marriage, our family, for the people we will touch and for the people going to heaven with us. It’s the most incredible experience I have ever known. Praise God for Samaritan’s Well.

My wife and I have been married 26 years, and we came to the Samaritan’s Well Marriage Clinic weekend. It has been a huge blessing to us. Our marriage has been healed. At Samaritan’s Well, we learned to communicate again. We connected. We love each other again, and there is hope. We were both amazed at the changes that occurred and the open and honest communication that was restored. I highly recommend the Marriage Clinic with Samaritan’s Well. Find hope. Find deliverance. Find love and respect for each other. Go. God can restore even the most broken marriages.

For the first time in my life  I have come to a place where I am able to humble myself and recognize the areas in my life that need transformation. I have finally taken the magnifying glass off of my husband and put it on myself. The Lord has helped me be willing to show humility and take correction regardless of what my husband does.

Our lives were changed amazingly. The Holy Spirit was SO present from the moment we got here- before we got here! Lots of breakthrough for us and healing… continuing the momentum that started in march when we were first introduced to Samaritan’s Well. ’m SO excited for our new beginning. Thank you for being the tool God used in our restoration.

I have too many things to say, but the thing I feel you need to know is that over the past few years I have lost my joy. This weekend it has miraculously come back — I have true joy again! And I cannot thank you all enough. May God keep blessing your awesome ministry.

I was truly blessed by the whole ministry this weekend. The Lord met me at my point of need. All in all I would recommend this conference for those who have wounds that they have not been able to heal from the traditional means.

For the first time, I was okay with being vulnerable, and my life outside of this conference will be blessed. Thank you so much for this awesome experience.

This experience was emotionally exhausting, and we had to go places so dark that fear was at the forefront, but the healing was the most amazing feeling this lifetime has ever offered me. The staff are the most wonderful people. They truly have compassion for the hurting woman. This weekend surpassed all expectations! If you come with a willing heart and an open mind, God will meet you and change your life. I felt truly in love with Jesus for the first time at the rightful age of 30! Thank you Lord for peace, understanding, wisdom, great new friends, and a new beginning to the rest of my life!

I feel equipped to go back to my family and live up in the grace that God intended for me and my family. My family will be SO blessed by my weekend with the Samaritan’s Well staff. Would recommend to anyone interested in overcoming Satan and his fiery darts.

Freedom! I walk away from this conference a changed man. This has completely changed my outlook of my situation from doomed to hopeful and empowered. I came to this conference as a man/husband/father that felt trapped forever. The prayer therapy has set me free from my chains of bondage! I can’t thank you enough for this weekend!