Soul Sense Workshop


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This teaching is dedicated to the Soul Senses. Mark is currently working on a book and teaching series based on these concepts. He has been teaching many parts of this concept for years in his counseling practice and conferences in the past. We hope that you get an understanding of how God has given us our 5 soul senses just as he has given us our 5 physical senses. Just as we could never put a value on how precious our physical senses are to us, we cannot overestimate the value of our 5 soul senses.

By the end of this workshop we hope that will receive the following:

  • Keys to understanding each of the 5 Soul Senses.
  • The positive and negative sides of each of the soul Senses.
  • What overemphasizing an emotion can do and what underemphasizing an emotion can do.
  • A deeper understanding of walking by the Spirit and how our Soul Senses are involved.
  • An understanding of Mad, Bad, Sad, Glad, and Scared and how they are the building blocks of our Soul Senses.
  • We are made in the image of God; three in one. We have three parts of our being, but also three segments within each of these three parts!We think the mystery of our souls and our spirits are as deep as the depth of the oceans. We pray that you will have revelation as you join us in this teaching.


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