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Why would we need to forgive God? Many people may think initially that this is sacrilegious and against scripture. I want to tell you that forgiving God is simply releasing your thoughts against Him.

Consider this- you go through a tragedy, a miscarriage, a bankruptcy, someone close to you dies, and you have some things against God. Maybe your religion or your teaching says you’re not supposed to be angry with God. Consider this- I either have things against God and I don’t acknowledge it to myself or Him, or I have things against God or thoughts against God, and I do acknowledge it. The second is the better option.

I want to tell you about three J’s in the Bible that were all offended with God: Job, Jeremiah, and John the Baptist. Job. Even though Job never cursed God, he did eventually have thoughts against God. He said, “I deserve a fair hearing. God has to tell me what I’ve done wrong.” Finally, Job got his hearing, but look at what he did first. He acknowledged his offense.

What happened with Jeremiah? He was called the weeping prophet. If you study Lamentation chapter three, you will see verse after verse of him acknowledging his thoughts against God. Lamentations 3:1 says, I am the one who has seen the afflictions that come from the rod of the LORD’s anger. And throughout Lamentations chapter three he says, God is just playing games with me. Jeremiah gets to a key point where he says, I have these thoughts in my mind, and I’m humbled.

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Understand that when you have thoughts against God here are the steps to go through:

  1. First, you have to acknowledge them

  2. Speak them out to God

  3. Speak them out to a friend

  4. Write them down

  5. Acknowledge that you’re holding on to thoughts against God

  6. Humble yourself

The reason it’s so important to release your thoughts against God is that our thoughts can be tied to blessing. When Jesus sent back his response to John the Baptist in Luke chapter seven, He said, tell John, blessed are those who are not offended with me.

What do we do once we’ve acknowledged that we have these thoughts against him? Once we’ve humbled ourselves, we release our thoughts against God. Lord, I release my thoughts against you for this or for that (be specific). I repent of holding them against you.

What does God always ask us when we get to a place of forgiving him? He asks us, now will you thank me for it? This is hard, but remember Joseph got to a place in Genesis 50:20, where he said, “You (my brothers) intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Joseph gave thanks to God because He brought him to a place to bring salvation to his family. This is the heart posture we want to have towards God as well.

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