At Samaritan’s Well, we know how important it is to find peace, hope, and joy. We understand how challenging and disorienting life can be. We are here to partner you with a counselor who can guide you towards more clarity and living your best life.

What Are We About?

Samaritans Well is a counseling and education ministry that addresses the needs of your spirit and soul, emotional needs, and psychological needs. We strive to be a place where you can come for resources, individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, intensive workshops, and overall education about your Christian life and your emotional life.

This website is where we have a coming together of everything that’s offered by Samaritans Well and everything that’s going on at Samaritans Well. I plan on keeping the homepage and all her pages up-to-date so that everyone can stay informed on what we’re offering and what upcoming workshops and books are set to come out.

Our plan is to have a blog that will be updated regularly, along with the newsletter to keep people informed of workshops that are approaching. All of our workshops will be offered online, as well as in person.

We want to help you with your vital relationships with yourself, with others, and with God. Most people come to us with either emotional or spiritual needs, or both. Our plan is to meet you where you are, and to help you with the issues that you’re struggling with right now.

Our Counselors

Mark Verkler

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Mark Verkler (MSSW, LMFT) is the founder of Samaritan’s Well, an Elder at UPPERROOM Dallas, and has over 30 years of counseling (individuals, marriage, and family) and ministry experience. In the 90’s he was the Clinical Coordinator at the Dallas Suicide and Crisis Center. Mark has also been the Program Director of an Inpatient Treatment program.  Since 2003, He has owned a private counseling practice in Richardson, Texas. He is experienced in hosting seminars, podcasts, and intensives teaching essential principles on healing and growth. 


Areas of Specialty:

  • Trauma
  • Individual Counseling
  • Anxiety
  • Affair Recovery
  • Grief

Rod Beck

Licensed Professional Therapist

As a Christian Counselor, Rod believes God’s desire is for us to have greater intimacy with Him and others He has blessed us with in this life’s journey. He feels it is a privilege to come along side clients in the midst of their challenges to assist them in growing in these areas. Rod chose to earn a Master in Marriage and Family Ministry at Talbot Theological Seminary to become better equipped in the Word prior to receiving my LPC license in 1998. He worked for several years as a therapist in private practice before embarking on a twenty- year professional career as an Employee Assistance Counselor and a Human Resource Management Consultant with a large government organization. In 2019, Rod took early retirement so he could return to his true passion of once again helping individuals and couples work through life’s stressors and challenges that greatly impact one’s overall wellbeing. He focuses primarily on adults, using a number of therapeutic strategies to help you not only gain insight into your issues but more importantly develop practical tools so you can better manage and resolve the challenges you are currently facing.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Individual and couples counseling
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Stress reduction and management

Our Story

 Our founder Mark grew up in Arkansas in a small rural community in the north east part of the state. His parents were older when they had him, having 2 kids in their 40’s and 2 more in the 60’s. Mark always told his dad that when he moved back to Arkansas and the farm he needed some farm help. He would laugh but never deny it. Mark is thankful he grew up on a farm and ranch in Arkansas and went to a small rural school system. He spent two years in the small town, ended up at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville and finished his undergraduate there in the late 80s.

Near the end of his college career in 1987, Marie and Mark got married. They ended up having four children—two biological and two adopted. They have lived in the greater Dallas area their entire marriage.

When Mark got married to Marie, He wasn’t confident about the direction of his career. He had done real estate growing up with his dad, so for a while he thought that might be the direction he would go. As Marie and Mark prayed about it, they got more and more inclined to move towards counseling. As he explored options for counseling and options for jobs after graduating, he sensed more and more peace about going in that direction. They were married a little over a year and Mark was accepted into the University of Texas at Arlington school of social work. He became a clinical social worker.

Samaritans Well started many years before it was called Samaritans Well. Mark began as the Clinical Coordinator at the Dallas Suicide & Crisis Center in the fall of 1990. Throughout the 90’s, he worked inpatient, outpatient, and private practice. In the late 90s, he started working with Every Man’s Battle workshops, and Joe Dallas. It was a great honor to work with Joe and be a group leader and worship leader for Every Man’s Battle for several years.

In the early 2000s, he began to consider having my own outpatient practice and in 2003, Mark started on his own. For several years after this, Mark began to get a vision of doing workshops and weekend intensive with women, men, and for married couples. That culminated in 2009 with the formation of Samaritans Well and the beginning of having workshops and conferences, along with intensive and individual and family counseling. Hundreds of people came through those workshops in the early years. A number of counselors worked with them in the beginning of Samaritans Well.

As the years went along, we saw changes in our location, our offices, and in certain things that were emphasized more, and certain things emphasized less. All along we were building testimonies of many lives changed for the better—individuals, couples, marriages, and families.

Part of our story is the history that our individual counselors went through in their own lives. Since 2000, Mark saw the adoption of two wonderful children, the death of Mark’s mother and father, and many other changes in the world and individually that have deepened his connection with God, and the breadth and depth of his experience in life.

Since 2011, Mark and Marie’s home church has been Upper Room Dallas with Michael & Lorisa Miller. They have been blessed to be a part of that church body and to be elders there for the last several years. This has been a really vital part of their story and a really vital part of their life.

A vital part of the foundation of Samaritans Well is Mark’s wife Marie. She’s been supportive and encouraging of long hours in counseling planning and writing workshops. She’s helped in every part of the way and she’s been a great blessing to Mark and continues to be a great blessing.

Mark’s son Josh has helped get the workshops going and get them streaming. He’s helping with everything online and our website development and all our social media. He’s been a great asset to Samaritans Well—doing many things that are essential to the success of the business.

In the last few years, Josh and Marie have helped with Samaritan’s Well. We’ve begun to develop different kinds of workshops that we can do on the weekends. These have been Sundays from 2 to 8:30 recently. The workshops have covered topics of SOUL SENSE, inner healing, and marriage workshops.

Our story continues with workshops, other counselors working with us, chaplains working with us, and expanding the offices in regions that we cover. In addition to the workshops, books are being written and published, and new training for counselors is being accomplished.

The most important part of Samaritan’s Well story has been the hundreds of people that have come to conferences, workshops, intensives, individual counseling, and marriage and family counseling. These are the real heroes of the story. These are the ones that have become vulnerable and broken and asked for help in their time of need. We commend everyone that has been a part of the Samaritans Well story by making yourself vulnerable, by taking a chance, to come and visit us and tell us your story. One of the most precious messages in the Bible is “weep with those who weep.” We’ve sat with so many people and seen so many tears, remembering that those who sow tears, will reap joy. We’re so thankful for the people that have come through those office doors or met us online, and the people that will continue to come through those office doors.

That’s our story. We wanted you to know a little bit about us. And a little bit about how we got here. We pray that if there’s a way that we can help you, you will take the chance many others have and we will meet together. May God bless you and your story, for you were blessed to be a blessing.


Thank you Mark for your spiritual healing and feeling me recover from trauma. Mark’s soul senses seminar was divine. In it, I began to learn how to get in touch with my emotions in a way I had not for a very long time. Marks holy sprit led approach to recovery is extremely more valuable than the typical LPC, LMFT, LSW psychoanalytic only approach. Mark really taps into The Lord for direction and breakthrough. I leave each session with assignments and ways to foster growth on my own. I’m grateful to have found Mark through Gateway Church Frisco.
Gillian ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark Verkler is an Amazing therapist. He is very gifted with compassion and genuinely cares for his clients. He is one of a kind, and I highly recommend him.
Vickie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love Mark. He has walked with me through so many places where I had felt shame or fear from my past, and in which I feel at peace now. He has been a great blessing to me and my family through his warm, personal manner and amazing memory of my own story. Highly recommend.
Sean ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark is a very wise, knowledgeable, and spirit led counselor/mentor. He has helped me through countless situations and led me to freedom in many areas of my life! I definitely wouldn’t be the man I am today without his help and guidance! I continue to see him regularly and I always look forward to our meetings to get his insight on whatever topic needs to be addressed in my life!
Joe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark’s podcast series is filled with verses from the Bible. I feel like I can trust his lessons because he wants me to know what the Bible says and he helps me to connect it to other parts of Scripture and to understand it better myself.
Timothy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After looking around for a LPC around the DFW area, I’m so glad I landed with Mark. He is very wise, kind and humble. In every session, He partners so well with the Holy Spirit to bring inner healing and freedom. There’s always a new deep discovery and I always leave with so much peace. He also gives you the tools to use on your own so you can also mature in hearing God’s voice. Samaritan’s Well truly is a place to receive the healing you’ve been looking for.
Rosa ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Over the past 13 plus years Mark has shepherded our family through a variety of difficult situations. We are so confident in his ability to discern and work through issues that we have referred numerous friends to seek his help. A true lifesaver! Genuine, compassionate, experienced, Bible-based counseling!
Beth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark and his many years of experience as a family counselor saved our marriage and whole family! I have sent many people who thought their marriages were completely dead to Mark for counseling. He has healed each individual, which led to healed marriages and healed families! Thank you Mark, you are such a blessing to so many💕
Melinda ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark has guided me through the most traumatic experiences of my life. His delicate balance of counseling and inner healing has brought me to a level of freedom and wholeness I never thought possible!
Kevin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m so thankful for Mark and his God-given ability to walk people through difficult seasons in life. I appreciate how he hears God and is sensitive to the Holy Spirit during sessions. Healing and wholeness are possibilities through Jesus and this ministry.
Darla ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark and the staff at Samaritan’s Well have changed my life. Mark has worked with me for nearly two years and has tremendously helped me in the area of trauma. I love that Mark listens to the Holy Spirit to guide him, instead of leaning on his own wisdom.
Melinda ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark has been and continues to be a tremendous help to me. His Bible-based, Holy Spirit-led approach to counseling and inner healing has helped me to hear the truths that Jesus was speaking to my pain. Mark is warm and compassionate, and has a profound prophetic gifting that has made me feel so known and seen by Jesus. I continually refer many friends and family members to Mark. I am so thankful for the freedom he’s helped me to experience. He’s been an immense blessing in my life. 

After looking around for a LPC around the DFW area, I’m so glad I landed with Mark. He is very wise, kind and humble. In every session, He partners so well with the Holy Spirit to bring inner healing and freedom. There’s always a new deep discovery and I always leave with so much peace. He also gives you the tools to use on your own so you can also mature in hearing God’s voice. Samaritan’s Well truly is a place to receive the healing you’ve been looking for.

Susan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

​​Mark has helped facilitate healing and support for myself and my wife. I have yet to ever feel offended by Mark. He has a gentle and loving personality. Extremely empathic and wise. He is a special counselor and man of God. I feel like whatever is brought up to Mark, he is ready for it and facilitates a healing environment. 

Adam ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received forgiveness. I love ya’ll so much! Thank you so much!

Truly Life Changing experience! This ministry has unbelievable power and compassion. God is really working in the hearts of staff and couples. My life has personally been changed by this weekend. I have gone from the edge of divorce to my wife telling me that she is proud to have me as a husband. Thank you so much for a wonderful blessing to my family.

The tension was thick – The resistance was there – But I would not allow my heart to despair  – For I trusted in Him – That my marriage would win – I owe my wedding bells – To you and the Lord at Samaritan’s Well!

This has been a wonderful, healing experience for me. I walk in a new light, able to cast my problems upon the Lord and know that He will always give me the answers. It is my prayer that this ministry will thrive, and I know that the lives of many will be transformed. May his grace, powers and love be with this ministry.

Only God could be the sower of the excellence of heart and character that flavors and undergirds all aspects of this marriage healing seminar. There was no artificiality, but only a pure life giving, wellspring from Christ Jesus. The preciousness of what was given and served was stunning. This is kingdom fruit causing kingdom fruit. The staff has obvious signs of God’s fathering and discipling.

I’ve been to a Samaritan’s Well conference before, and this time was every bit as miraculous. Where last time brought me back to Jesus, this time gave me my self esteem. But the best part was seeing my husbands agony turn into comfort, love and self esteem.

Personally,  this has been one of the greatest experiences that I have had in my life. I am just sorry that it did not last longer. My most favorite thing was to find out its ok to be just who you are and ask the Lord to change the rest.

I am energized, expectant, healed, waiting, and hopeful. This weekend and it’s sorrows, tears, new relationships, and hard work have given me inexpressible joy. I feel equipped and prepared for the future.

The grace and glory of the cross was evidenced in the lives and ministry here! The beauty of acceptance, support, unity and community within the group was really astounding. I never have personally been so accepted and supported and valued as a person and child of God as I was at this conference! The name Samaritan’s Well is well fitted, for surely the way Jesus connected with the samaritan woman is the model for this ministry and by His leading example and spirit and truth, the conference did emulate Jesus and his Gracious, giving, loving, transforming nature!

Staff was extremely warm and welcoming! Thank you for your willingness to serve God in this way. I felt loved, accepted and understood. I felt like I was in a safe place.

Through the conference I have received healing at the root of the problem with lust. Through this healing I have become closer to Jesus and know through Him I can have peace and victory.

Freedom! I walk away from this conference a changed man. This has completely changed my outlook of my situation from doomed to hopeful and empowered. I came to this conference as a man/husband/father that felt trapped forever. The prayer therapy has set me free from my chains of bondage! I can’t thank you enough for this weekend!

I feel equipped to go back to my family and live up in the grace that God intended for me and my family. My family will be SO blessed by my weekend with the Samaritan’s Well staff. Would recommend to anyone interested in overcoming Satan and his fiery darts.

For several months we have been meeting with Mark Verkler as a couple in order to bring a true intimacy into our marriage of 42 years. Mark has helped us to heal so many deep-seated hurts and has helped us discover the true love that God wanted us to enjoy from the beginning. Mark’s willingness to pray and hear from the Holy Spirit has changed our lives and our “old relationship” of resentment and selfishness. When the time was right and he felt we would profit from it, Mark allowed us to participate in his amazing marriage seminar. God’s truth about marriage, communication, and building a nurturing relationship truly resonated with us. It was the perfect way we would receive the tools we would need to go forward as husband and wife in a true, new, God-centered, flourishing marriage. If you really want to fall in love with your spouse and know the joy that God created for marriage, get to know Mark Verkler and let him lead you to God’s plan for your marriage! It’s never too late to do marriage God’s way!


Mirella ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am so pleased with what Samaritan’s Well has done for me. I was totally against counseling until I met Mark! He is helping me out of a 50 year life of pain. It is never too late to receive help and to get on the path that God has already planned out for you. Don’t waste one more day of your life suffering. I am on my road to recovery today because of what God is doing through Samaritan’s Well Christian Counseling


Tiny ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The first time I met Mark Verkler I could tell he was a man that loved and followed Jesus. His goal from the beginning was to pray with me and let God lead us to the answers I needed so desperately. Mark‘s confidence that nothing was too big for God to heal, put me at ease and allowed me to finally go to the places I had avoided my entire adult life. By finding the true source of my pain, Mark was able to show me how to finally be restored and healed for good. Mark lets the Holy Spirit guide each session in such a way that the truth comes to the service quickly and sheds light on what is really causing the issue. If you have come to the end of your ability to find healing, let Mark Verkler show you the Way to God’s grace!


Daniel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Samaritan’s Well is a calming and secure environment and a wonderful place to get a faith-based perspective regardless of your reason for walking in the door.


Gretchen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark has been a gift to me for both his wisdom and his spiritual sensitivity. I’m learning a great deal about myself in a safe environment!


Nanette ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark brings a level of genuine care and love to the counseling experience that enhances the healing experience.


John ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark has been a massive blessing to help me get through trauma in my life. Very grateful to have him as a resource on my healing journey.


Aaron ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark has helped me discover sources of long time depression and how they affected my current life. Brother Mark has helped me open doors to allow the Holy Spirit to do what I have always needed. Thank you Samaritan’s Well.


Jack ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark and the staff here are tremendous! I have been coming here since mid 2016 after the traumatic loss of my son. When I couldn’t see through the pain, Mark with the Holy Spirit’s guidance broke through and gave him the exact words to say, or I may not be here. The Lord truly uses him to sit with us in dark places and be a lamppost!


Amanda ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Samaritan’s Well has been a gift from the Lord to me and my whole family. I have been receiving council from Mark for about 8 years myself, and for the last 4 years for my husband and I. Words can not express how grateful we are for the true wisdom, deliverance, and direction that has been provided through this vessel of the Holy Spirit.


Jana ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Through the biblically based counseling and teaching of Mark Verkler, I was able to process childhood trauma, work through memories and pain, and go through the steps toward healing and restoration. As a healthcare professional myself, Mark’s kind, tender counseling and prayerful, uplifting counseling strategies is unfortunately rare, but definitely offers a path to healing and restoration. My life is full of joy and opportunity after working through lifelong issues and pain with Mark. I will forever be thankful for his counsel and pray others find a way to healing also.

Mark has been amazing. He is real and intentional at helping us in our everyday marriage struggles. My husband and I enjoy talking with him and feel like every session relieves tension and gives us tools to make our relationship better and stronger. We have enjoyed his counseling so much that we have continued virtual counseling once we moved out of Texas. I can confidently say my husband and I would be divorced if it weren’t for working with Mark. 
Rebekah ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark Verkler has given me so much good advice and counsel over years of knowing him! He is always sincere, dedicated, and wise with what he has shared with me! My life is so much better now from applying his godly counsel! I highly recommend him and his center! 
Cheryl ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It is easy to find a counselor who will tell you what you want to hear. It is hard to find a counselor who will tell you what you need to hear. Mark tells you what you need to hear with honesty, hope, faith and courage. He is a steady guide in an uncertain world. 
Jan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I cannot begin to express our appreciation for the blessing of the Marriage conference. We will be forever grateful for the ministry you provide, and to God for leading us to you. We have been on a path of progression and progress ever since the conference.

Our marriage will never be the same because of the great healing work that was done. The love and ministry was a gift from God to our family. Thank you Carolyn and Mark for letting the Lord use you to restore and heal marriages.

Samaritan’s Well is a gift from God. There’s more than just healing here; behind the scenes people here, and all over the world are praying for me, for my husband, for our marriage, our family, for the people we will touch and for the people going to heaven with us. It’s the most incredible experience I have ever known. Praise God for Samaritan’s Well.

My wife and I have been married 26 years, and we came to the Samaritan’s Well Marriage Clinic weekend. It has been a huge blessing to us. Our marriage has been healed. At Samaritan’s Well, we learned to communicate again. We connected. We love each other again, and there is hope. We were both amazed at the changes that occurred and the open and honest communication that was restored. I highly recommend the Marriage Clinic with Samaritan’s Well. Find hope. Find deliverance. Find love and respect for each other. Go. God can restore even the most broken marriages.

For the first time in my life  I have come to a place where I am able to humble myself and recognize the areas in my life that need transformation. I have finally taken the magnifying glass off of my husband and put it on myself. The Lord has helped me be willing to show humility and take correction regardless of what my husband does.

Our lives were changed amazingly. The Holy Spirit was SO present from the moment we got here- before we got here! Lots of breakthrough for us and healing… continuing the momentum that started in march when we were first introduced to Samaritan’s Well. ’m SO excited for our new beginning. Thank you for being the tool God used in our restoration.

I have too many things to say, but the thing I feel you need to know is that over the past few years I have lost my joy. This weekend it has miraculously come back — I have true joy again! And I cannot thank you all enough. May God keep blessing your awesome ministry.

I was truly blessed by the whole ministry this weekend. The Lord met me at my point of need. All in all I would recommend this conference for those who have wounds that they have not been able to heal from the traditional means.

For the first time, I was okay with being vulnerable, and my life outside of this conference will be blessed. Thank you so much for this awesome experience.

This experience was emotionally exhausting, and we had to go places so dark that fear was at the forefront, but the healing was the most amazing feeling this lifetime has ever offered me. The staff are the most wonderful people. They truly have compassion for the hurting woman. This weekend surpassed all expectations! If you come with a willing heart and an open mind, God will meet you and change your life. I felt truly in love with Jesus for the first time at the rightful age of 30! Thank you Lord for peace, understanding, wisdom, great new friends, and a new beginning to the rest of my life!

What Does The First Session Look Like?

In our first session, we will get to know you and get as much about your history as we can in that first hour to prepare you for something that should be a specific focus in the second hour that you’re there. We want you to leave with encouragement and the knowledge and understanding that there’s hope.

If you want to look through some of the reviews, you’re welcome to. Literally hundreds and hundreds of people have been helped through Samaritans Well counseling. We address needs from a biblical perspective and a professional perspective. We ask that you let us know what your highest priorities are when you come in for counseling. We will have an assessment at the end of that first session, and it’s vital that we take that assessment combined with your specific needs, to determine the plan from that moment on. We want this to be life-changing for you.

Counseling comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It’s Samaritans Well we still have a variety of counselors and ways that we approach things, but there’s a common thread and accountability that certain vital parts of the counseling process are consistently there. We want to pray with you if you’re comfortable with that. We want to bring the scripture in if you’re comfortable with that. Many people come to us specifically because we are bringing scripture into our sessions.

Please consider before you come, any issues that are really vital that be addressed, and any issues that you’d rather not go to in the beginning. Often if we hear those two sides, it can help us understand where you are and we’re you’re hoping to go to.

The Third Session and Beyond

When we get to your second session, it will be important to know any changes that have happened between session 1 and session 2. And in general, will want to know how you’re doing with sleep—getting to sleep and staying asleep; eating, current work and family relationships, and anything significant that’s happened since the last time we met

It’s important that you come into any session with somewhat of an awareness of what is going on emotionally and spiritually with you. Here is a way that can help you with that.


Talk Time With God


  1. In the evening take 10-15 minutes and unplug from everything. Sit with the Lord.
  2. Talk out loud (and/or journal) about your feelings for that day.


Your emotions are a continuum of these 5 OR a combination of these:
MAD —A reaction to a perceived injustice.
SAD —A reaction to a perceived loss.
GLAD — A reaction to a perceived blessing.
BAD (conviction/or shame)— A reaction to a perceived guilt.
SCARED — A reaction to a perceived danger.

3.  After you’ve spoken these things (or journaled them) out to the Lord, take some time and just be quiet perhaps with your eyes closed, and see anything that comes to you and jot it down in your journal—or take action by confessing, forgiving, giving thanks, etc.

Having an awareness of your five foundational soul senses is very important as you move forward in counseling and you move forward in life. An exercise that can truly help you have this awareness in close relationships is the following:


Relational Talk Time (5-15 minutes a day)


  1. Hold hands and make eye contact. (Unless over phone-use FaceTime if possible if not in person)
  2. Take turns (1 person the talker, 1 person the listener) talking about things in your life (NO MARRIAGE PROBLEMS)-work children grandkids neighbors church, city, etc. feelings-
  3. The listener will not interrupt, but will encourage the communication and acknowledge specific feelings and what you’ve heard, and can ask related questions.

*-each of you can be the talker & listener each day OR only one role per day and switch for the next talk time.
*No playing “devil’s advocate.”

These are some of the most important things we can connect to in understanding ourselves and communicating with others. We want you to have a basic understanding of who we are and what you need from us. We want to bring our experience and your needs together. Your Spirit, your Soul, and your Body are the three parts of who you are. We want to address all of these and help you and who you are: three in one.