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At Samaritan’s Well, we know how important it is to find peace, hope, and joy. We understand how challenging and disorienting life can be. We are here to partner you with a counselor who can guide you towards more clarity and living your best life.

What Samaritan’s Well Is About

Samaritans Well is a counseling and education ministry that addresses the needs of your spirit and soul, emotional needs, and psychological needs. We strive to be a place where you can come for resources, individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, intensive workshops, and overall education about your Christian life and your emotional life.

This website is where we have a coming together of everything that’s offered by Samaritans Well and everything that’s going on at Samaritans Well. I plan on keeping the homepage and all her pages up-to-date so that everyone can stay informed on what we’re offering and what upcoming workshops and books are set to come out.

Our plan is to have a blog that will be updated regularly, along with the newsletter to keep people informed of workshops that are approaching. All of our workshops will be offered online, as well as in person.

We want to help you with your vital relationships with yourself, with others, and with God. Most people come to us with either emotional or spiritual needs, or both. Our plan is to meet you where you are, and to help you with the issues that you’re struggling with right now.

What Does The First Session Look Like?

In our first session, we will get to know you and get as much about your history as we can in that first hour to prepare you for something that should be a specific focus in the second hour that you’re there. We want you to leave with encouragement and the knowledge and understanding that there’s hope.

If you want to look through some of the reviews, you’re welcome to. Literally hundreds and hundreds of people have been helped through Samaritans Well counseling. We address needs from a biblical perspective and a professional perspective. We ask that you let us know what your highest priorities are when you come in for counseling. We will have an assessment at the end of that first session, and it’s vital that we take that assessment combined with your specific needs, to determine the plan from that moment on. We want this to be life-changing for you.

Counseling comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It’s Samaritans Well we still have a variety of counselors and ways that we approach things, but there’s a common thread and accountability that certain vital parts of the counseling process are consistently there. We want to pray with you if you’re comfortable with that. We want to bring the scripture in if you’re comfortable with that. Many people come to us specifically because we are bringing scripture into our sessions.

Please consider before you come, any issues that are really vital that be addressed, and any issues that you’d rather not go to in the beginning. Often if we hear those two sides, it can help us understand where you are and we’re you’re hoping to go to.

Our Counselors

Mark Verkler

Mark Verkler

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Mark Verkler (MSSW, LMFT) is the founder of Samaritan’s Well, an Elder at UPPERROOM Dallas, and has over 30 years of counseling (individuals, marriage, and family) and ministry experience. In the 90’s he was the Clinical Coordinator at the Dallas Suicide and Crisis Center. Mark has also been the Program Director of an Inpatient Treatment program.  Since 2003, He has owned a private counseling practice in Richardson, Texas. He is experienced in hosting seminars, podcasts, and intensives teaching essential principles on healing and growth. 
Rod Beck

Rod Beck

Licensed Professional Therapist


As a Christian Counselor, Rod believes God’s desire is for us to have greater intimacy with Him and others He has blessed us with in this life’s journey. He feels it is a privilege to come along side clients in the midst of their challenges to assist them in growing in these areas. Rod chose to earn a Master in Marriage and Family Ministry at Talbot Theological Seminary to become better equipped in the Word prior to receiving my LPC license in 1998. He worked for several years as a therapist in private practice before embarking on a twenty- year professional career as an Employee Assistance Counselor and a Human Resource Management Consultant with a large government organization. In 2019, Rod took early retirement so he could return to his true passion of once again helping individuals and couples work through life’s stressors and challenges that greatly impact one’s overall wellbeing. He focuses primarily on adults, using a number of therapeutic strategies to help you not only gain insight into your issues but more importantly develop practical tools so you can better manage and resolve the challenges you are currently facing.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Individual and couples counseling
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Stress reduction and management

The Third Session and Beyond

When we get to your second session, it will be important to know any changes that have happened between session 1 and session 2. And in general, will want to know how you’re doing with sleep—getting to sleep and staying asleep; eating, current work and family relationships, and anything significant that’s happened since the last time we met

It’s important that you come into any session with somewhat of an awareness of what is going on emotionally and spiritually with you. Here is a way that can help you with that.


Talk Time With God


1 – In the evening take 10-15 minutes and unplug from everything. Sit with the Lord.


2 – Talk out loud (and/or journal) about your feelings for that day.


Your emotions are a continuum of these 5 OR a combination of these:
MAD —A reaction to a perceived injustice.
SAD —A reaction to a perceived loss.
GLAD — A reaction to a perceived blessing.
BAD (conviction/or shame)— A reaction to a perceived guilt.
SCARED — A reaction to a perceived danger.


3 – After you’ve spoken these things (or journaled them) out to the Lord, take some time and just be quiet perhaps with your eyes closed, and see anything that comes to you and jot it down in your journal—or take action by confessing, forgiving, giving thanks, etc.

Having an awareness of your five foundational soul senses is very important as you move forward in counseling and you move forward in life. An exercise that can truly help you have this awareness in close relationships is the following:


Relational Talk Time (5-15 minutes a day)


1 – Hold hands and make eye contact. (Unless over phone-use FaceTime if possible if not in person)


2 – Take turns (1 person the talker, 1 person the listener) talking about things in your life (NO MARRIAGE PROBLEMS)-work children grandkids neighbors church, city, etc. feelings-

3- The listener will not interrupt, but will encourage the communication and acknowledge specific feelings and what you’ve heard, and can ask related questions.

*-each of you can be the talker & listener each day OR only one role per day and switch for the next talk time.
*No playing “devil’s advocate.”

These are some of the most important things we can connect to in understanding ourselves and communicating with others. We want you to have a basic understanding of who we are and what you need from us. We want to bring our experience and your needs together. Your Spirit, your Soul, and your Body are the three parts of who you are. We want to address all of these and help you and who you are: three in one.

May you be blessed and be helped by us.